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Can I Clean My Dentures While Wearing Them?

September 6, 2023

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a person brushing their dentures

Wearing dentures requires committing to taking proper care of them for the long haul. Your artificial teeth are not designed to last forever, but you do want your investment to extend as long as possible. Ensuring they remain fully intact and clean is essential, so why is it a problem if they remain in your mouth while brushing? In this article, a dentist explains the reasons why removing your dentures will ensure a longer-lasting smile.


Things a Dentist Would Never Put in Their Mouth

August 4, 2023

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A closeup of a woman biting her nails

If you care about your smile, you probably know oral care basics. Namely, you’re aware that you should brush twice daily, floss once daily, and see your dentist often. Still, a healthy mouth requires more than just these habits. You also need to be mindful of what goes in your mouth. Otherwise, you’ll hurt your pearly whites and suffer a dental emergency. Luckily, your Kent dentists are here with helpful guidance. Read on to learn four things you should never put in your mouth.


The Dental Emergencies That Cause Facial Pain

July 5, 2023

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You probably know urgent oral issues can involve toothaches. After all, it’s only natural that dental damage makes your teeth sore. However, were you aware some dental emergencies can cause facial pain? Many find this fact surprising, though facial muscles relate to your mouth. Still, it can be unclear when a pained face points to a dental emergency. Luckily, your Kent dentist can make finding out easier. Here are three urgent oral problems that cause face pain and how emergency dentistry helps.


Is a Broken Denture Considered a Dental Emergency?

June 1, 2023

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a person holding a broken denture in their hands

When you have missing teeth, it truly impacts your entire life. In addition to the lack of confidence, your everyday functionality is affected, from chewing to speaking. Once your smile becomes complete with dentures, you begin to rely on them as if they are your natural teeth. So, when your denture unexpectedly breaks, it can be alarming. But it is an emergency? Yes, indeed! Here’s all you need to know about what to do if your denture is broken.


4 Habits That Will Ruin Your Dental Implants

May 1, 2023

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a closeup of a model of dental implants

If you’ve recently received dental implants, you probably know that they’re considered the gold standard when it comes to replacing missing teeth. With proper care, they can even last for decades and provide you with a beautiful and fully functional set of pearly whites. But as great as they are, there are still certain things you shouldn’t do once you have implants if you want them to last! Here are four bad habits that your dentist wants you to avoid if you’ve received implants.             


3 Questions You May Want to Ask at a Dental Implant Consultation

April 10, 2023

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patient talking to their dentist

If you’ve been looking into ways to replace missing teeth, you’ve probably heard the many merits of dental implants. They’re durable, realistic, and provide you with a much stronger bite than other tooth replacement options.

If you have a dental implant consultation coming up, that would be the opportunity to get a better understanding of what the procedure could offer you, and what getting it demands. Here are some questions you may want to ask at your cosmetic dental consultation.


5 Useful Tips to Help You Sleep After Your Wisdom Teeth are Removed

March 9, 2023

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Young woman in striped shirt sleeping in bed

After your wisdom teeth are removed, you might experience some pain, bruising, and swelling in your jaw. These symptoms are perfectly normal, but they can make it difficult to sleep during recovery. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to keep your discomfort under control so that you can get a good night’s rest. Below are 5 tips for sleeping comfortably after wisdom tooth extraction.


6 Secrets to Dental Implant Success

February 2, 2023

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Model of dental implantYou have more options than ever before to replace missing teeth; however, only one solution recreates both the root and the crown. A dental implant is unlike any other treatment because it mimics the natural structure of a tooth. Most people with good oral and general health are candidates for the procedure. A dental implant is the most reliable method to treat tooth loss, with over a 95% success rate. Here are 6 reasons why a dental implant is the most successful solution to treat tooth loss.


A Step-by-step Guide to How your Dentist Color Matches your Dental Crown

January 10, 2023

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cartoon of a tooth wearing a crown

Dental crowns are an incredible dental treatment; it’s one of the few that serves equally well as a cosmetic or restorative procedure. Whether you’re repairing after a root canal or transforming your smile, you can expect to be pleased with the results they’ll give you.

Your dentist will take the time to craft you a perfect tooth designed to match the color and shape of your natural teeth. But have you ever wondered how they do that? If you’re curious, here’s a guide to what a dentist is likely to do to choose the color of your crown.


3 Facts about Same-Day Dental Crowns You Might Not Know

December 4, 2022

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CEREC same-day dental crown being milled

Dental crowns are one of the most versatile restorative procedures, capable of repairing all kinds of damage and decay. They can do this painlessly, within just two appointments!

However, there’s something even better. CEREC same-day dental crowns can be designed, crafted, and placed within just a single appointment. If you want to learn more about this incredible procedure, here are some things you may not know about same-day dental crowns.

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