Oral Surgery – Kent, WA

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Dentist performing oral surgery

Like the name implies, oral surgery from our Kent, WA dentist involves the treatment of severe ailments and issues plaguing the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, including tooth loss. Here at Complete Dental Care, we’re able to handle many of these cases, including:

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Dentist examining dental patient

For some people, wisdom teeth simply emerge through the gums at the proper time and exist as natural teeth; however, for others, these molars can quickly become a serious problem. A tooth might be impacted, meaning that it erupts in an angle instead of straight through the gum line. This can cause serious pain and result in structural damage to the jaw. Routine check-ups can help us determine when, if ever, wisdom teeth need to be extracted to avoid these issues.

Tooth Extractions

Closeup of tools used for oral surgery

Extractions can become necessary in a number of circumstances. Some patients may need one or more impacted wisdom teeth removed; others are in need of a full denture, which requires an arch to be completely empty of remaining teeth. Whatever the case is, our team can help you work through the surgery needed in a comfortable way. Based on your preference, we can provide anesthetic or sedation to increase relaxation. Following the procedure, we will require you to limit your food intake to soft items for a few days and not drink through a straw, as this may loosen any sutures.