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Children's Dentist in Kent

It’s never too early to establish your child on the path towards optimal oral health. At Kent Dental Clinic, we approach pediatric care with a high level of gentleness and patience so that your child can feel truly at ease during his/her check-ups. We’ll be sure to check your little one’s teeth thoroughly so as to catch any small areas of decay or signs of developmental problems as soon as possible so that he/she can be treated quickly and effectively, as well as teach your child how to best care for his/her teeth and gums at home through diligent brushing and flossing.

Our pediatric services include:


During the early years, children often find it difficult to brush their teeth effectively, as their attention spans and lack of skill usually result in missed spots. This can become an even more serious problem when their molars come in, which are both extremely vulnerable to decay due to their chewing use and difficult for little hands to reach. Thankfully, sealants can be used to add an extra layer of protection. Sealants are painted right onto the tooth with the help of an adhesive, and they serve as a layer between the tooth’s surface and any outside particles of food, bacteria, or plaque. They typically last for twelve years, and our team can reapply them if necessary.


If your child plays football, hockey, basketball, wrestling, or any other sport where contact of some kind is a constant possibility, a mouthguard can help protect their mouth from injury and structural damage. In fact, studies have shown that the use of one can even reduce the severity of concussions. Instead of buying a one-size-fits-all piece at your local sporting goods store, our team strongly recommends visiting our Kent office and having one custom-made. This will ensure that your child will be able to breathe easily and feel comfortable as they’re enjoying the sport they love.

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