How Cosmetic Procedures Like Dental Implants Can Improve Your Self-Esteem

May 12, 2019

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Are you embarrassed by your smile? Cosmetic dentistry might be the solution for you! If you have chips, cracks, or stains on your teeth, your cosmetic dentist can fix those problems. If you have missing teeth, don’t worry. We can take care of those too with dental implants. No matter how self-conscious you are about your smile, your cosmetic dentist in Kent, WA has the answer to your problems.

What Common Tooth Imperfections Can Cosmetic Dentistry Repair?

There are several reasons you might not be satisfied with your smile, such as:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Discoloration of teeth
  • Missing teeth

All of these can be fixed by making an appointment with your cosmetic dentist.

What Treatment Options are Available?

Your dentist offers a variety of options to improve your smile, your confidence, and your life. Some of these treatments include:

  • Teeth whitening. Stains or discoloration on your enamel, the outer layer of your teeth, can occur for several reasons, including age, genetics, and diet. Our practice allows you to whiten your smile from the comfort of your own home. Your dentist will take impressions of your mouth and create customized trays. Wear them with our high-quality whitening gel for a shirt time every day and your smile will become up to 8 shades whiter!
  • Veneers. Veneers are thin pieces of ceramic placed over the front of your tooth to conceal chips, cracks, stains, or gaps in your teeth. Each veneer is customized to fit the size, shape, and color of the surrounding teeth. They will look like a part of your natural smile!
  • Bonding. Bonding is a great way to fix cracks, gaps, stains, and small areas where a cavity has been removed. Your dentist will fill the area of your tooth with a composite resin designed to match the exact shade of the tooth, so it blends in naturally. No one will notice you had dental work!
  • Crowns. Crowns can not only protect a damaged tooth, but they can enhance its appearance as well. Typically made of ceramic or zirconia, crowns are caps placed over a tooth. They can be designed to match the exact color of the rest of the teeth to look more natural.
  • Dental implants. Missing teeth can make you feel ashamed to smile. But with dental implants, we can restore your confidence! Implants involve a metal post being surgically attached to your jawbone, and a restoration such as a crown being placed over it. It will look and feel exactly like a natural tooth!

How Can a Self-Confidence Boost Affect Your Life?

Improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry can benefits several areas of your life, such as:

  • Social life. If you’re embarrassed of the way your teeth look, you might be more reluctant to socialize with people. You can isolate yourself, which can lead to depression. By being more confident in your smile, you’ll be more comfortable hanging out with people, and they will enjoy your positive energy.
  • Appearance. People with white, straight smiles are often perceived as healthier, richer, and more attractive.
  • Career. If you’re afraid to smile in a job interview, you might not come across as the best candidate. You might seem insincere about the job. Walking into the interview and giving a confident smile can severely boost your chances of landing the job of your dreams.
  • Overcoming trauma. Sometimes a dental flaw is the result of a birth defect or a traumatic experience, like an injury. By fixing the issue in your smile, it can help you heal and move past that incident. You can embrace the future and move forward confidently.

No matter what insecurities you have about your smile, there is a cosmetic dentistry procedure to fix it. If you want to vastly improve your smile and your life, contact your cosmetic dentist today!

About the Practice

At Complete Dental Care, all 4 of our doctors are focused on providing the highest level of comprehensive care that they can. We offer a variety of transformative cosmetic dental services to improve your confidence in your smile. Whatever you think is wrong with your smile, we can fix it! For more information, click here or call (253)-854-2714.

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