The Interesting History of Dental Crowns in Kent

October 4, 2018

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Woman smiling.Millions of Americans have dental crowns placed in their smile, so if you have one, you’re not alone. Dental crowns in Kent have become a popular way to restore heavily decayed or damaged teeth, while still keeping their look, shape, and function. However, crowns were not always so easily placed and beautiful looking. Keep reading to discover the history of dental crowns, how they were made, and why they were first used.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns, sometimes called dental caps, are prosthetic devices placed over broken or damaged teeth to strengthen and improve their look. Crowns are typically used to cover and protect a weakened tooth, root canal, or tooth replacement. Their main job is to keep teeth functional, while preventing oral health issues like fractured teeth or improper bite. Read below to find out when they first started helping smiles.

When Were Crowns First Used?

The first known use of dental crowns can be dated back 4,000 years in the Philippines. Skeletons were found in this Southeast Asian country that had golden caps and gold tooth replacements in their grin. Scholars have learned over the years that modification of teeth with gold was popular among chiefs and political rulers. It was a symbol of power, wealth, and social status.

What Kind of Materials Were Used?

The 1400’s brought innovation in dentistry. Europeans started carving dentures out of bone and ivory, and by the 1700’s they were replacing missing teeth with human teeth. They appeared natural and functional, but bodies would quickly reject the new replacement. It wasn’t until 1770 that the first porcelain dentures were made. By the 1800’s porcelain dentures became the standard for replacing teeth.

When Did Porcelain Crowns Hit the Scene?

In 1903, a porcelain crown was introduced, which is the closest thing to a modern crown today. During this procedure, your dentist would rebuild a broken tooth and cover it with a porcelain jacket to make it look new again. This jacket was used until the 1950’s, when the porcelain fused to metal crown was introduced as a more durable solution.

What Are Crowns Like Today?

Today, crowns are made of various materials like porcelain, all-ceramic, gold alloys, and metal alloys. Porcelain crowns are the restoration of choice, especially if the damaged tooth is in a visible part of your smile. As you can see, the placement and manufacturing of dental crowns have come a long way in 4,000 years.

Now that you know the history of dental crowns, do you have a better appreciation for your dental crowns or the restorative work your dentist in Kent does? Thankfully, if you damage or crack a tooth, modern dentistry can deliver you a functional a natural-looking crown.

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