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Endodontics for Everlasting Smiles in Kent

Endodontics in Kent is a specific type of dentistry that refers to procedures that involve the nerves and soft inner tissue of the teeth, or the “pulp.” If something goes wrong with it, serious pain and other complications can result. An infection in the area can even lead to systemic illness. Fortunately, there are treatments available that can relieve the agony, protect your health, and in some cases, perhaps even save a suffering tooth from extraction and restore its strength and function.

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal in Kent is the most common form of endodontic treatment. It can become necessary when a severe infection occurs inside the tooth’s pulp, usually due to decay or a traumatic injury to the mouth. Some symptoms that indicate you may need this treatment include:

  • A serious toothache
  • Swollen or red gums
  • Extreme sensitivity to overly hot or cold temperatures
  • Pain that is felt in other areas of the head, such as the neck or ear.
  • A tooth that is significantly darker than the ones around it.

If, after we evaluate your teeth, we determine that root canal treatment is the best option for you, we’ll create an opening in the affected tooth so that we easily access the inner “canal” of your tooth, where the pulp is located. Then, infected tissue is removed and the entire space is thoroughly cleaned, filled, and sealed with a biocompatible material called gutta percha. In most cases, a crown must also be placed so as to restore the external structure of the tooth and bring back its full form and function.

Root canal treatment is highly successful, and most teeth that undergo the procedure go on to last for the rest of a patient’s lifetime, as long as they maintain a proper oral hygiene routine. Thanks to anesthesia and sedation, it is also a relatively comfortable procedure; there is no need to worry that you’ll be in pain during your appointment.

extracted tooth

Emergency Extractions

Our goal is always to save a suffering tooth. However, in some cases, an emergency extraction is the most effective endodontic treatment. If we determine that we must remove one of your teeth, we’ll numb the area around it before your dentist in Kent gently takes it out.

Following the extraction, it is important to care for the empty socket so it heals properly. You should:

Before or sometime after your extraction, you may also want to speak to us about replacing your lost tooth. Filling in that gap can prevent drifting of your other teeth and protect your smile’s beautiful appearance. Either a dental implant or a bridge may be the best way to replace the tooth.

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