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Restoring Kent Smiles with Restorative Dentistry

During the course of one’s life, most patients will experience some form of dental damage, whether it’s a simple cavity or a full-blown missing tooth. There’s no need to feel embarrassed by this – instead, receive the support, kindness, and exceptional care your smile needs to thrive again at Kent Dental Clinic. After your initial consultation, during which we will thoroughly review the current state of your smile, our team can make recommendations for treatment based on what your unique needs and concerns are.

Available restorative procedures include:


When a patient loses one or more teeth in a row, a bridge can be used to replace them as long as there are still existing teeth on either side. Made from gold, metal, alloys, or porcelain, dental bridges provide a sense of stability and durability to your smile. During an initial appointment, our team will slightly adjust your existing teeth so as to create a base for the new bridge, as well as create a detailed mold. Once we’ve received your restoration from the lab, we’ll invite you back so that we can place the bridge and ensure that it fits properly and feels natural.

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A crown is used to effectively “cap” off a tooth that has become susceptible to common issues like cracks, decay, or discoloration, restoring its full strength and structure. We offer crowns made from a variety of materials, including all ceramic, porcelain fused to metal, zirconia, and full gold. The procedure usually requires two visits to our Kent office – one for our team to reshape your tooth and prepare it for the new crown, as well as take a mold, and one for us to place your new restoration.

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Dentures have been around for hundreds of years, and although there are other tooth replacement solutions available today, many patients still prefer their reliability and affordability. We offer both conventional full dentures (where we remove remaining teeth and allow the tissue time to heal) and immediate full dentures (a new denture is provided directly after remaining teeth are removed, although a follow-up appointment for refitting is required). We can also provide patients with a partial denture, which resembles a bridge but is attached with the help of clips, making the piece removable.

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CEREC Same-Day Crowns

A normal dental crown placement requires two visits to our office; however, with CEREC Same-Day Crowns, you can have a fully restored smile in just one visit. Using CAD/CAM technology, we can digitally customize your prosthetic before sending it to a milling unit where your dental restoration will be crafted while you wait. With CEREC, there’s no need for temporaries or second appointments. Your smile can be good as new in no time at all.

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Contact our Kent, WA practice today if you have any questions about our restorative services, or if you’re ready to schedule a consultation with our dedicated team.

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