Protect Your Child’s Teeth with Dental Sealants in Kent

August 17, 2017

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Young girl at dentistThe health of your child’s teeth is important to you. You work to promote proper oral hygiene and take them to their dentist every six months for a cleaning and checkup. However, despite your best efforts, there is a hidden danger that may be lurking in their mouth—tooth decay. It is estimated that as much as 42% of children under the age of 11 have had a cavity in a primary tooth, while another 23% have untreated tooth decay. In addition, to home oral hygiene and preventive care, you can further protect your child’s teeth from cavities with dental sealants in Kent.

Get the Protection of Dental Sealants

Children often do not have the best oral hygiene habits. As a result, areas in the mouth, especially those that are hard to reach like the back molars, are left with trapped food particles, bacteria, and plaque. As it sits on the teeth, it eats away at the enamel causing a small hole to develop, known as a cavity.

To protect these cavity-prone areas, a dental sealant can be applied. This is a thin, protective coating that is placed on the chewing surface of the molars to help prevent decay in the crevasses. In addition, if a cavity is already forming, the sealant can prevent it from worsening.

This simple, painless procedure has shown to reduce the risk for a cavity in molars by as much as 80%. While they are extremely beneficial, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that only 43% of children have them. As result, those without them are three times more likely to develop tooth decay than those who have the protection of a dental sealant.

Often, they are applied to the teeth after the first molars have erupted, which is generally around the age of six. After the second molars appear, they are also applied to keep them cavity-free. While they are primarily used in children, adults can benefit from them as well.

Protect Your Child’s Smile

If your child does not have dental sealants, it is important to ask your children’s dentist in Kent about them at their next cleaning and checkup. It is a simple procedure that will give an added layer of protection against tooth decay.

After the teeth are cleaned, an acidic gel is applied to the teeth to help roughen the surface. This is necessary to ensure a secure bond between the tooth and the sealant. The gel is rinsed off and the tooth is dried prior to applying it. A special light is then used to quickly harden the material to begin protecting it from decay.

Promote a Healthy Smile

Dental sealants are a simple and effective way to protect the health of your child’s teeth. Ask your dentist about them at their next preventive appointment.

About Kent Dental Clinic

At Kent Dental Clinic, we strive to create generations of healthy smiles. With preventive care, we foster the development of young patients’ teeth and gums. If you have any questions about dental sealants, contact our office today to speak with a member of our team.

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